Buffy Summers (slayer_of_sd) wrote in outofthistime,
Buffy Summers

The next morning.

When I awoke this morning, it took several minutes to remember and process the events from the night before:

Finding Spike in the school basement.

Talking to him, or more or less trying to. He wasn’t exactly sane or easy to talk to.

Bringing him home to protect him from hurting anyone, and locking him in my basement.

Its funny that I can remember everything from last night when I was with Spike, but I can’t remember coming up the stairs to crawl into bed. From crying on the kitchen floor to ending up in my own bed, it was a big blur. Then again, I was a tad over emotional at the time, which is probably why my mind took a temporary hike.

Kicking off the bedclothes, I swing my feet over the side of the bed and stand up. Glancing to my beside table where my alarm clock lay, it read 8:34am. God, Spike must be in need some blood by now, not to mention a bathroom to wash up. He wasn’t in the best shape last night. Entering the hallway, I check to make sure Dawn was in her room and still asleep. Thankfully, she was. Best not to spring Spike on her so suddenly, she’s still touchy on the subject of him since she found out what he had tried to do.

Descending downstairs, I move through the front entrance hall before entering the living room and closing all the blinds and shades that I could. I didn’t want to fry Spike with sunlight, after all. It took about 5 minutes to make sure that all the rooms where sunless on the main floor. Reaching the basement door, I unlock it and open it, peering down the stairs, “Spike?”.
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