William the Bloody (sired1880spike) wrote in outofthistime,
William the Bloody

Today was turning out to be bloody strange. Here I thought that if Buffy ever saw me again she'd want to stake me... And instead she'd rescued me from whatever the hell had been tormenting me in the basement of the school, and then we'd had breakfast together. I felt like I was dreaming.

After we'd finished clearing up, I heard footsteps upstairs. Dawn must be awake. I decided the best thing to do would be to go down to the basement; it would be too much of a shock for Dawn just to come down and see me. That unfortunately left Buffy with the task of explaining my return to Dawn. Didn't envy her that.

I sat on the narrow bed in the basement, listening to the clump of Dawn's feet on the stairs, then the clatter as she got her breakfast. I wondered if she still liked the toy out of the cereal, or if she was too grown up for that now. I felt sad. Dawn and I had been close. She was almost like a little sister. But after what I'd done to Buffy, I was sure she must hate me.

I heard a low murmur. Buffy's voice. Then Dawn's voice, slightly louder. I couldn't catch the words, but the conversation went on for some time.

The rest of the day passed slowly. I waited until I heard the front door shut; seemed like Dawn had gone out. Then I went upstairs and mindlessly watched TV for a while, barely seeing the images. My mind felt completely blank.

Sunset finally came. I was eager to leave the house and go out patrolling. It would help, I thought, to kick some demon arse. To feel like I was doing something.

"You wanting to head out, pet?" I said to Buffy. "And... how did Dawn take the news that I'm, y'know, back in town?"
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